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So why did I start JAYTEE3D?

It started back in early 2015 when I had backed a 3D printer on Kickstarter. It was a risk as all crowd funded projects are, but it looked like a 'good gamble'. I, and so many others were wrong.

The TIKO as it was known, was going to be revolutionary, but the TIKO never materialised. Almost every backer lost their money. I lost a few hundred Australian dollars if you count the shipping fees that were also lost :( but the total loss was between 2 and 3 MILLION.

So In early 2017, when TIKO was on it's death bed, and I realised my money was gone, I purchased my first 3D printer, from an actual shop. It was a learning curve, it was fun, and my mind was racing.

I have a background in Technology, mainly software, but I love to explore potentials and solve problems. And with 3D printing, there is a lot of potential and there are many problems.

A couple of months went by and my next purchase was a 3D printer kit. A careful weekend of construction and then there were 2.

Another couple of months went by and then there were 3.

Each time I bought another, I kept learning about nuances and peculiarities of 3D printing in general, and those of each specific unit.

I had been printing a bunch of knick knacks and trinkets, my evenings were spent watching youtube videos from the 3D printing superstars.

Then in December 2017 I suggested to my wife that I print some Name Tags for the Christmas Crackers / Bon Bons. They were rudimentary, but an instant hit with friends and family.


So now, my hobby / addiction needed to support the ever growing number of printers, and the idea of JAYTEE3D was born - somehow I got to 5 printers.

A lot of after hours and weekend work has been done behind the scenes to get JAYTEE3D to this point. A couple more printers later and I have a "print farm". Sort of like this ( video ) but on a much smaller and less grandiose scale, but a print farm none the less.

I love my day job in tech, and I love that my hobby will some day become self sustaining.

Cheers, JAYTEE